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September 19, 2023

Lokasi Kegiatan

Kampus UMRAH Dompak

The 2nd SHIMBA 2023


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the 2nd International Conference on Social-Humanities in Maritime and Border Area (SHIMBA) 2023. This conference stands as a beacon of collective commitment and collaboration, a vital response to the multifaceted challenges that define the development of our maritime and border areas.

In an era characterized by an ever-evolving global landscape, the significance of maritime and border regions cannot be overstated. These areas not only serve as critical conduits for trade and commerce but also as focal points where diverse cultures, economies, and ecosystems intersect. SHIMBA 2023 serves as a dynamic platform for a wide spectrum of stakeholders, including private sectors, academia, researchers, governments, and non-governmental organizations, to convene and address the pressing issues that shape these pivotal regions.

Our conference is more than just a gathering of minds; it is an opportunity for synergy, a chance for those with roles, interests, and contributions in the realm of maritime and border areas to collaboratively chart the course for sustainable development, foster cross-border cooperation, and explore innovative solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

Over the course of the SHIMBA 2023 conference, we will engage in enlightening discussions, share groundbreaking research, and forge meaningful connections that have the power to shape the future of our maritime and border areas. We are excited to witness the exchange of ideas, the emergence of new perspectives, and the forging of partnerships that will drive positive change in these vital regions.

As we embark on this intellectual journey together, let us be inspired by the collective potential that this conference embodies. May the insights gained, and the bonds formed during these days, serve as catalysts for a more sustainable, harmonious, and prosperous future in our maritime and border areas.

Thank you for joining us at SHIMBA 2023, and we look forward to a fruitful and transformative conference ahead.